Wellness Consultation

"You have taken something so confusing and made it very understandable and accessible. The report came so quickly and it is so inclusive. For the first time in a long time I feel like I have answers to lifelong health problems.

It's been about three weeks since I started the supplements you recommended.
 1. My daily headaches are 100% better.
 2. My daily diarrhea for two years is 100% better.
 3. My dizziness is 90% better.
 4. My nausea is 80% better.
 5. My anxiety is about 75% better. Usually in the evening.

 6. The itching was better but is now back daily, sometimes with hives. 

I haven't consistently felt this well for this long, in 20 years.  In the past, lots of things have worked but only for a few days or a week and then I crash.

Thank you so much for your help."

"I was very confused and not sure what to do to help myself and my children deal with these mutations. Your reports were extremely helpful! Your quick response was appreciated. It is obvious that you care about your clients. Thank you."

What Will A Wellness Consultation Do For You?

A wellness consultation with me involves filling out a questionnaire that allows me to give you an extensive review of all aspects of your health.  After taking the client questionnaire, I will receive your results and be able to see which of your body systems are out of balance.  I will then pin-point what could be causing these systems to become out of balance in the first place and guide you on the path to addressing them. The questionnaire also allows me to evaluate whether or not candida overgrowth may be present in your body.




I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help and advice.  

I have struggled with migraines since I was 10 years old, I am now in my 50's.  I have seen countless doctors and have tried every medicine on the market.  I had my DNA tested and your help going over my results was amazing,  you found out that I have methylation issues.  The herbal remedies you suggested have been a miracle!  I have not had one migraine since I have been on the supplements.
You have been my healing angel!  I never thought I could live a normal life again until you helped me!
Thanks again you're awesome!"


Rate: $70.00

Genetic Report & Personalized Protocols

How Can Genetic Testing Help Me?

With the advent of the human genome project, and it's completion in 2001, genetic breakthroughs are coming about more and more frequently.  After completely mapping the human genome, it was found that the majority of the population has at least one SNP, (or single nucleotide polymorphism).  These polymorphisms in the genes can be expressed in multiple ways, as our genetics are responsible for hundreds of enzymatic reactions in our bodies.  One of the most common polymorphisms is MTHFR, which an estimated 60% of the population has.  This SNP is also a big cause of a slew of many chronic illnesses and mental/physical symptoms that are affecting many of us today. 


List of Methylation Functions:

  • Turn Genes On/Off

  • Process Chemicals

  • Build & Metabolize Neurotransmitters

  • Fetal Development

  • Process Hormones

  • Build Immune Cells

  • DNA & Histone Synthesis

  • Produce Energy

  • Produce Protective Nerve Coating (aka Myleination)

  • Build/Maintain Cell Membranes

*This is only one of the many health-relevant mutations that are becoming increasingly common


Why is this important?  Having even one polymorphism in a significant gene can cause multiple diseases. Knowing that you have a relevant genetic polymorphism or SNP may seem daunting.  You're sick of feeling sick, so now what?  The good news is that now that you know about it, you can do something about it.  Most relevant genetic polymorphisms can be addressed and re-balanced through appropriate nutrient supplementation, all of which must be personalized based on your history, lifestyle, and symptoms.


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Follow-up Appointments

The Importance of Follow-ups

It is recommended that for each service purchased, (especially if you made any lifestyle changes) that you have a follow-up appointment.  I recommend that you follow-up about a month after making any changes.  However, if you feel that you need to follow-up sooner, don't hesitate to book a follow-up.  Due to the importance of follow-ups, I have made them very affordable.  Of course if you have a general question about any protocol after you receive one, general questions could be emailed to me for a prompt response at elevatedhealthsolutions@gmail.com

Rate: $35.00


 Rate: $175.00


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