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This online-based wellness center was created so that everyone can gain access to finding out how to deal with the root cause of their symptoms.  A holistic approach to addressing health issues is one of the best ways to remedy an out of balance body long-term.  This is because, with a holistic approach, the focus is on the cause of the body's issues rather than just the symptoms alone.  This is especially important when one is experiencing a web of symptoms that seem unrelated to each other like that of chronic diseases. The most common practice in addressing a patient experiencing multiple symptoms is prescribing them a plethora of medications that often only mask the patient's symptoms.  This leaves the cause of the problem unaddressed, which in most cases ensures that the patient must continue taking medications life long.  With a holistic approach however, one can address the cause by utilizing natural methods, allowing the body to heal itself. Attempting to change things holistically, the sufferer will find that as their bodies are brought back to homeostasis, their plethora of symptoms start disappearing one by one.

-Darla Armstrong, HHP 

Available Services
  • Addressing Genetic Mutations 

  • Wellness Evaluations

  • Herbal Recommendations

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